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    Top tips for playing volleyball

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    The success of a volleyball team largely depends on how prepared the athletes are for the game. Therefore, it is very important that volleyball players are well-prepared for the game. In fact, there are many things volleyball players can do to dramatically improve their performance on the court. Today we would like to bring you the best 2019 tips for a successful volleyball game. We will tell you what volleyball players need to do before and during the game in order to achieve the best possible results. More for volleyball

    Tips to follow before playing volleyball

    It would be best for volleyball players to start preparing for the games in advance. Obviously, the sooner athletes start preparing for volleyball matches, the better. It would be better for volleyball players to take advantage of the so-called off-season to prepare for matches and tournaments. Below, we would like to provide you with tips that you should follow to get the best preparation for your volleyball game.

    • Get ready for volleyball physically. Obviously, volleyball players need to be well-prepared for the game, both mentally and physically. The athlete must be able to perform well on the court for an extended period of time. This means that strength and endurance training should be a key part of a volleyball team’s fitness program. When preparing for a match physically, athletes should also strive to significantly improve their volleyball skills. It also makes sense for athletes to practice volleyball team training for offense and defense.
    • Prepare yourself for volleyball mentally. Mentally preparing for a volleyball match includes studying the opponents, predicting the game, teaching how to stay focused while playing, achieving relaxation, and more. Athletes must also visualize before volleyball matches. Mental imagery is what helps volleyball players mentally prepare for the match.
    • Analyze the opposing team’s players carefully before a volleyball match. It is incredibly important for you to study your opponent thoroughly before important volleyball matches. It is good for volleyball players and coaches to watch the matches of the opposing team. This activity gives athletes an exciting opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of their opponent and mentally prepare for the match in the best possible way.
    • Create a game plan . Volleyball players must be able to think ahead and predict the game successfully. After carefully examining the opponent, the volleyball team must develop a game plan. However, things don’t always go according to plan. This is why the volleyball team must also have a plan B. That way, volleyball players will know what to do if their basic plan doesn’t work.
    • Visualize before volleyball matches. It is important to know that mental imagery is useful for volleyball players of all skill levels. First of all, visualization allows volleyball players to improve their skills (serve, set, dig, block and attack). Another big advantage is that visualization allows athletes to relax and significantly reduce stress levels before volleyball matches. Mental imagery allows volleyball players to improve their performance on the court. When visualizing the game, the athlete must introduce himself, his teammates, and the opposing team. A volleyball player is recommended to visualize 20-30 minutes before matches.
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    All about volleyball statistics: why is it needed, who counts it and how to figure it out?

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    Figures and diagrams captured the game.

    Now in every super league club, there is a coach-statistician or even whole teams of such specialists. This is required by the current trends in volleyball. “You can’t do without statistics, because the analysis of the opponent is very important. At the same time, you need to be able to single out the most important from the set of numbers, ” said the head coach of the Russian national team Tuomas Sammelvuo in an interview. Choose the best video camera for volleyball.

    There is a clause on statistics in the regulations of the national championship. Within an hour after the match, the host club is obliged to provide a statistical report,  to which we are all used to – with player points and efficiency percentages. But such a file is just the tip of a huge informational iceberg, which we will describe in detail in the format of answers to the main questions.


    Modern statistics are not only numbers but numbers that are synchronized with the video. The direction of serves or attacks, a technique from a particular type of service, the percentage of loading zones by a setter – all this is revealed by statistics, which makes it possible to analyze both the game of a particular volleyball player and the entire team.

    Statisticians admit that they are able to provide players with so much information about a future opponent that their brains can explode. Therefore, volleyball players are given squeeze – only the most important thing. The nuances can be suggested during the game. Players watch cutscenes that the head coach believes are key, and also receive handouts to study before the match. These are settings expressed in graphical-digital form.

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