Lyon: Monet’s trees, secret passages and lives from above

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    Lyon was one of those cities that didn’t attract me at all. Article by Bishonen Works reviews site.

    When my father proposed it this summer as one of the stages of our French road trip I was not particularly excited, I was more inspired by the villages of Provence.

    But his diabolical plan was to reach Bordeaux in the shortest possible time to get wine.

    Lyon would have been our first stop. None of us would have a say in this.

    Lyon it is.

    Travelling really teaches us that prejudices are stupid.

    Lyon is beautiful.

    The most beautiful city we have seen throughout the trip.

    And it made me think, it made me dream, it even made me study.

    Vieux Lyon. Old Lyon. You cross the Rhone and you find it there: so French, so sweet, without mouths. All the colours are warm and pastel. Even the light seems to be coloured in pencil. When I was there, the sky was blue and the sun warmed without bothering. September is a wonderful month to travel.

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