Travel Italy: Luca and Danilo’s adventure among extreme sports, explorations and inclusion

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    Today we want to tell you a story. A story of friendship, difficulty, courage and hope. Of determination, pursued dreams and a lot of love for life. It all began 20 years ago. Our protagonists are called Danilo and Luca and they know each other in a place where none of us would ever want to be: in the spinal unit of Turin. An accident made them immobile from the waist down.

    But even in this situation, the two boys do not lose heart and, to put it in their own words, they decide to see it as “a new beginning”. Yes, because to be happy in life you must first decide to be happy!

    From the friendship between Luca and Danilo was born Viaggio Italia

    The friendship between Danilo and Luca, one designer and the other architect and musician, is cemented by great passions in common: that for sport, especially if extreme, and that for travel. Now: if you are reading these lines, in a travel blog, it means that you too, like us who are writing them, know well how strong the desire to discover, explore, know. In a word, to travel.

    And when you really want something, there are no limits, as for Danilo and Luca, who four years ago created a project based on the combination of ‘sport and travel’. They called it ‘Viaggio Italia’ but the name is now perhaps a bit ‘misleading, in the sense that from the Bel Paese our friends have expanded ‘Around the world’, breaking every border and every barrier, mental and physical.

    Travel Italy between the Bel Paese and the World

    They started with 30 stages in Italy, from North to South. An opportunity to talk about accessibility and inclusion but not only: also about innovation and technology, because all their experiences are shared on blogs and social networks. In fact, the watchword is ‘sharing’, ‘meeting’, and the aim is to offer useful ideas to those who find themselves in the same situation but also to those who do not. In our opinion, in fact, they are useful reflections for everyone!

    Danilo and Luca, with Viaggio Italia, then expanded to the world, thanks to sponsors such as Lufthansa, and here we find them in magnificent destinations such as Brazil, India and Africa. Look at the wonder of videos, everything is there: joy, adventure, meetings, sports, travel, and the rough and endless landscape of Ladakh.

    Travel Italy between extreme sports and travel

    There is another password, also entrusted to the beautiful images of the video: ‘challenge’: Luca and Danilo, in fact, in their raids, try not only to travel in themselves but also in activities such as surfing, hang-gliding, paragliding, hand biking, canoeing… and so on!

    They might all seem out of the world, inaccessible, but anyone can live them in turn. Just take part in a beautifully organized trip, in the wake of those made by Danilo and Luca, which you can find on the website of Viaggio Italia in the section ‘Parts with us’. You can watch videos of trips to Brazil, Africa and India on the website of Viaggio Italia. The mantra of every trip is: share.

    Travel Italy as a Journey of Life

    Viaggio Italia is a beautiful communication project, which sees companies such as Lufthansa among its sponsors. A project that intends to speak and show the disability from a different point of view. Not denying the difficulties (that Luca and Danilo tell us: for example, how complicated it is to find a rental car that has the controls adapted), but underlining the possibilities.

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